About Us

Bree's Upscale ReSale stores specialize in gently used name brand clothing and accessories for men, women and children... Cancer affects the entire family!

We assist with payments for mammograms for women with no insurance, and with prosthesis, bras and head coverings for women going through treatment.

Proceeds go to Bree's Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

We are a not for profit 501(c)(3) foundation established in 1997. Fighting breast cancer in our local communities.

The Bree's Story

Nancy Kathleen Pennington is a local woman who is a familiar face to most people in the Bandon, Coquille, and Port Orford communities. We all know her as Kathy. Kathy has worked at Ray's Food Place for years, and she just retired from Ray's the end of 2009 after 23 years of service. This story is about Kathy and her family, and how she has embraced the local community as her extended family.

Kathy and her husband Mitch only had one child, a daughter they named Sabrina. Sabrina was nicknamed Bree. When Bree was 23 years old she discovered a lump in her breast during a self breast exam (SBE). At the early age of 24 Bree had a mastectomy.

Put yourself in Kathy's place at this time in her life! It is a vast range of emotions and shock, just thinking about what you would be going through if this was your young daughter! What a reality check!

During an interview with Kathy for a news story when she opened the first Bree's UpScale ReSale store in Bandon, OR, Kathy was quoted as saying; "sitting in the hospital I was thinking that should be me in there not my daughter. Bree was too young to have breast cancer. She still had her whole life ahead of her." The truth is breast cancer can happen to anyone, male or female, at any age, and no matter your financial or social standing. If Bree hadn't done her self breast examination it wouldn't have been found as soon and it could have spread, making things even worse. It is important to start early and to learn your breast. I feel as parents we should teach our teen-age girls to make self breast exam part of their personal care routine."

At this time let this information sink in; breast cancer isn't discriminatory as to who it chooses for a victim. Breast cancer is not an "old woman's disease". Education is a major factor in our fight against this monster. With the advances the medical society has done we know that the outcome of Bree's breast cancer probably would have been drastically different if she hadn't done her SBE. Bree wasn't the age that it is recommended for women to start having mammograms. There was no family history of breast cancer. We as an advocate for women's health and focusing on breast issue's need to target the younger generation for education, to help save lives!

After Sabrina's surgery and recovery, Kathy suffered from depression for about two years and then she became adamant about doing something to help fight breast cancer. "The depression stemmed from being reminded every day how quickly this can happen, and that is can happen to YOU. Will it happen again? Just because you have had a mastectomy and had all the treatments, doesn't mean it won't come back. "Every time there is any change in Bree's body or health I start to worry all over again". Realizing that Bree had found the lump herself, Kathy designed and developed an efficient way of keeping record of your SBE. She calls it "Bree's Monthly Self Breast Examination Reminder and Record Keeper".

The next step was Bree's UpScale ReSale, and the Bree's Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. This is Kathy's second child, birthed form the grief, fear, depression, and after shock of Sabrina having had a mastectomy. The not for profit corporation was incorporated May 1, 1997, with it's proceeds going toward the fight against breast cancer, with the focus on local women, mammograms, education, and the awareness of the predominance and devastation of this disease.

Bree's has become an important part of the local community. All the merchandise is donated, and volunteers give their time, showing the support and love of the community in our fight to beat this disease. The proceeds help fund mammograms for women who are not qualified for other programs, due to lack of income, age, and medical insurance. Bree's has extended it's assistance to providing free prosthesis, bra's head coverings-including wigs, to those that have been diagnosed and going thru treatment for breast cancer, whom also meet the requirements. Bree's also has available these products for sale for those whom do not qualify for free, at a reasonable price.

Through the years Bree's has worked with Southern Coos General Hospital (Bandon), South Coast Radiology (Coos Bay), Coos County Health Department, Waterfall Clinic, Susan G. Koman Foundation, Coos County Woman's Health Coalition, Zonta's International, Coos Bay Club, and we donate items we can not use in our stores to the Salvation Army, Kiwana's, local schools for the homeless students just to name a few.

After Sabrina's surgery, while she was going through treatment she looked at Kathy one day and said, "Mom, I know how I feel having cancer, but being a mother myself I can't even imagine how you feel". Kathy's grandson was 3 years old at the time. Breast cancer effects the whole family.

A happy ending: In 2009 Kathy's grandson is now a wonderful young man.....he helped build the new back wall in the Bandon Bree's. Pictures were taken. What a moving moment! Sabrina is doing well she is a 15 year survivor to date. Kathy will be spending time in her beloved Bree's, doing what she loves, when she retired from her job at Rays the end of 2009!!!

Foot note:
Kathy herself had breast cancer in 2006. She is doing well and loving life!!!!